3 Reasons Why Using Telephone Maintenance Services Makes Financial Sense For Businesses

12 June 2019
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While the entire business world is increasingly moving towards the internet as a means of communication, landline telephones still remain important—it's a way for employees to quickly reach each other at their desks and a way for clients to easily contact employees. However, maintaining a business phone system can be expensive, especially in a larger business. IT staff who have the knowledge necessary to keep a business phone system in good condition are becoming rare, and some businesses have trouble finding qualified maintenance personnel at all.

One way to ensure that your business phone system is kept in good condition is to sign an agreement with a telephone maintenance service. These services take over the entirety of your business phone system's maintenance and repair, eliminating the need for in-house staff. The best part, however, is that using telephone maintenance services will almost always reduce your operating expenses. Here are three reasons why using telephone maintenance services makes financial sense for businesses.

1. You Don't Have to Hire or Train Specialized IT Staff

As more businesses move towards VoIP for their business phones, IT professionals with landline maintenance are becoming increasingly scarce—landline maintenance is not often covered in traditional IT curriculum. This leaves you reliant on the few IT professionals who do have the requisite skills necessary to maintain and repair a business telephone system, and they often fetch high salaries. You also have the option of training your current IT staff to maintain landline telephones.

However, hiring new IT staff or training your current staff to maintain landline telephones both represent a considerable expense for your business, whether it's paid in salary or training costs. You can save money with telephone maintenance services, who already employ IT staff who have the skills necessary to repair and maintain landline phones. The cost of a telephone maintenance agreement with a telephone maintenance service is often considerably less than using your own in-house IT staff to maintain your business telephone system.

2. Your Business Is Protected From Phone System Emergencies

If your business's phone system goes down, it's an emergency—your employees won't be able to call each other or get in touch with clients. You may still retain internet access when your business phone system is down, so you're not cut off from the world entirely. However, trying to contact clients or other employees through the internet can be a confusing hassle when they're expecting a phone call. This leads to diminished employee productivity while your business phones are down.

A telephone maintenance agreement can prevent your business from losing productivity due to the phone system going down. With regular maintenance from an IT professional, your phone system will be kept in good condition, which decreases the chances that it will catastrophically fail and remove your ability to make calls. If your business phone system does go down, a telephone maintenance service will dispatch a technician to your place of business as soon as possible in order to correct the problem. You'll have your phone system up and running quickly, which minimizes the negative effect on your business' productivity.

3. Your Business Is Better Able to Budget Constant Maintenance Expenses

With a telephone maintenance agreement, regular maintenance and repair are included as part of the service fee. You don't have to set aside part of your budget for potential emergencies with your business telephone system—it's a recurring monthly expense that won't hold any surprises. The constant expense helps keep your business's overall budget more stable and prevents you from being unable to repair or maintain your business phone system if your business is running low on liquid capital.

Overall, telephone maintenance services make financial sense for any business that uses landline telephones as part of their business workflow. You'll be able to keep your business phone system in good condition while saving money by avoiding the need to hire specialized IT staff. If you're interested in reducing your business expenses, contact a telephone maintenance service and ask what they provide as part of their maintenance agreement—you'll often find that the price is much less compared to maintaining your business phone system with in-house staff. 

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